December 26, 2003
Bush must go:

He didn't win the election.

Bush knew about 9/11 BEFORE it happened. He stopped governement agencies from investigation. Why did he want it to happen? Simple- money and oil. His buddies (Halliburton) now have all kinds of cool Iraqi contract jobs. And our brothers and sisters are defending them with their lives. See this link for more facts.

The tax cuts for the rich.

Patriot Act

FCC deregulating the Media. Actually, all corporate consolidation has become overboard. We need diversification if we are going to wrest power back from the rich. Stop buying from Walmart and Costco. Buycott RIAA and MPAA.

Calling the Dixie Chicks (and anyone who disagrees) traitors. Systematically spying on peaceful demonstrators and anyone with different ideals. The madness of the Miami World Trade Organization protests that were declared a huge success by the administration, but should scare anyone who might want to protest something someday.

The war in Iraq (WMD's, yeah, right)

Why does America have 10% of the world population, but 25% of the world's prison population. Because the rich are afraid of the poor, and by keeping them in 'the system', they retain control.

If everyone is breaking the law, then there must be something wrong with the law

Threatening possible criminal penalties to Head Start if they speak out

Deregulation of Electric Companies- why did the power go out?

Environment- it's rediculous how much he doesn't care about our environment, it's hard to believe he has children.
In a major revision to its air pollution rules, the Environmental Protection Agency will allow up to 20 percent of the costs of replacing each plant's production system to be considered routine maintenance not requiring expensive antipollution controls, according to agency documents and interviews with EPA officials.

Bad Meat! Crooked USDA. Do a google search on Montana Quality Foods and John Munsell, the owner. Look how hard the USDA made it for him to turn in the giant ConAgra. We have to stop being OWNED by the corporations. Now, go look at Mad Cow in the USA. Yes, I blame Bush directly, and his dedication to his big money buddies.

These are all my views. I'm sure I'll get listed as a radical soon, but hey, it's a free country. Oppps!?!

Paul J. Homlish III

And now, what is going to happen if Bush DOES win.

First, we might get some new terrorist action before the election, just so everyone picks the Cowboy President.
Then, he'll get the new Patriot Act II.
And then, we'll have the draft back. Before one year of his second presidency.

I have friends that want to leave the country. Good people that have pure ideals. It makes me very angry. My ancestors fought for this country, and I'm not leaving just because somewhere we took a wrong turn. We can take back this country. You are doing it right now by reading this page. #1- buy from people you know and trust. I buy my computers from Motto Computer- I know the owner personally and we are on a first name basis. Who owns Dell, anyhow? #2- take an interest in what is going on around you and speak out. #3- vote for anyone that isn't an incumbent

I just hope it doesn't take my 20 year old nephew being drafted and killed by this Cowboy President, and your sons and relatives, before we do get back control.