September 20, 2010
How many emails do you need?

Here are my recommendations for your email accounts.
1) personal. Get a free one, like gmail or yahoo. Give it to all your friends.
2) bills. Again, get a free one. Use this one to pay your bills online.
3) coupons. Again, get a free one. Make it an easy name, and use it for retail stores. When the cashier asks for your email so they can send solisitations, give this one to them. Sign up for free coupons, weekly advertisements, any solisitations. You won't mind getting a ton of stuff in here, because it's all stuff you signed up for anyhow. It's nice getting the weekly Kmart ad.
4) social. Get yet another free one. Use this one to link all of your social networking sites.
5) ISP (internet service provider). This is the email that your ISP gives you. Don't use it for anything. Set it up so it forwards to one of the emails above. Then you don't iever have to check it. When you change your ISP, you won't need to tell everyone that you have a new email account.
6) work. This is the email that your work gives you. Use it for work. That's it, just work.

Sure, it sounds like a lot of email accounts. But by keeping them separate, life becomes easier. I've even setup filters on the various accounts, so certain emails go directly to sub-folders. It really helps to get organized. Never use the same password for any two accounts.