February 12th, 2009

Obama Hope (NOT!)

The good news- the majority of the people that vote are disgusted enough to buck the system and vote for a black muslim.

The bad news- Obama is not better than the rest of his buddies 'on the hill'. Nothing will change. He's already 'part of the club', and will keep the American people under the thumb of government.

My predictions:

tax breaks for the rich will not be removed.
we won't get any closer to universal health care.
gas will continue to rise (it's $1.86 now)
the economy will finally start to recover in time for Christmas 2009.

And I once again, I will state the SOLUTION. Thats right- the answer to all of the world's woes.
Get involved in local politics. Stop being distracted by the news at the national level- you have no control with what is happening there. But you DO have a chance to change things right here at home. Find out who is your local politician. Get involved.
People that have their life in order, and have their basic needs met, have a social responsibility to VOLUNTEER. Do something to better your environment and your government. Otherwise you are just being shelfish. Taking care of your family is not enough, you also need to take care of the world around you.
Freedom is not free.
(I can say these things with my head up, considering that I gave up 8 years of my life teaching small children for a similarly small wage. I did my part- now go and do yours.)