~ 2017-04-22
Trump is coming up on 100 days, here are my thoughts so far.

What I heard from his campaign was 'America First'. That resonated with me and I agreed 100%. I also liked that he is not a career politician and seemed determined to clean up corruption.

But now that he's changing things I see how he's destroying many of my favorite political endeavors. I'm 'for' environment, free internet, and drug leagalization. We'll, he's gutting those- putting anti drug people in charge, putting pro business anti free internet in charge, and doing away with many environmental protections we've had for decades.

But I'm still pro Trump. We have to give him a chance. The economy seems to be much better already. I'm sad to see him roll back so many good things that were happening, but if we can fix our economy and bring jobs back to the USA, then I believe it's worth the negatives. Let's fix America, get people back to work, get money back to the middle class's pockets. Then let's revisit all those pet projects and see about bringing them back one by one, slowly and with meticulous planning so we don't lose the progress he's making.

I agree with stopping the H1B visas for overseas workers and don't believe we can't find the talent we need right here in the USA.
I agree with imigration reform and kicking out the illegals. There's a right way to immigrate to the USA, so do it.
I agree with massively taxing imported labor and goods.
I agree with 100% drug legalization. Prosecute violent crimes, theft, and corrpution. Tax drugs and use the money to fund drug treatment programs, but let them be voluntary and not mandatory because you got caught smoking something.
I agree we can't donate to charities (other countries) if our own economy is in bad shape. Would you buy magazines to help someone kocking on your door if you couldn't afford to feed and cloth your children?
I agree with giving states the power and reducing federal laws.
I agree with declaring more industries as monopolies and regulating them.
I agree with single payer health insurance. Everyone should pay the same regardless of preexisting conditions and not receive discounts because they work for a big company that negotiated better prices due to thier size. I believe more industries need to be labeled as utilities and be completely government controlled- telephony, internet, health care, energy, water, sewer, trash, prisons, education.
I agree with limiting political terms. Senators and Representatives should be limit to 2 or 3 terms maximum.
I agree with stopping corporations from donating to politicians.
I agree we need to break up the monopolies. Too few companies control too may industries- news, internet, telephony.
I disagree with 1st ammendment rights for corporations.
I disagree with long term copyright protections. This almost never benefits the original creator but benefits the huge corporations. You need more money, create new stuff.
I disagree with DMCA. People should be able to fix thier own devices, buy whatever printer cartidge they want to use and not only the printer manufacturers cartridge, and put whatever they want to in thier coffee pot.
I disagree with for profit prisons.
I disagree with government spending. We need to get rid of the huge tax burden and all these pet projects that cost us so much money. Stop lifetime food stamps and unemployment benefits for able bodied citizens.
I disagree with goverment survalance without cause. Any tracking or data collection of any american should require a warrant. Stop the 1984 Orwellian society.
I disagree with American Imperialism. We need to take care of the USA, not all these other countries. Fix America, take care of our own, then perhaps we can do more to help other countries. The worst part of our imperialism is that we think we are doing good but the resources we throw into our support isn't even appretiated. As soon as we stop sending all those dollars those countries that have been accepting our help for decades will immediately hate us.

World War 3
I've been saying for years that North Korea is a huge threat to the free world. I don't trust China or Russia. WWIII is a definate possibility in our near future, but I don't think we can be blamed for our involvement. As Trump said 'I inherited a mess' I could not agree more. I still trust he'll do the right thing with these rogue countries and his hard line stance is what we need.

Check back in 4 years and we'll see if things changed.